We believe there is hope for a cure


Breast cancer is an ancient disease – in 440 BC the Greek historian Herodotus records the history of Atossa the Persian queen wife of Emperor Darius who had breast cancer which was excised by her Greek slave Democides. We have moved away from those dark ages to elegant, targeted therapies of personalized medicine which focus on cure and quality of life. Unfortunately, breast cancer still accounts for approximately 25% of all new cancers diagnosed. WHO reports, 65 % of patients in India present with stage III or IV of the disease, thereby severely restricting treatment options. The primary reason for this is the lack of awareness & screening resulting in diagnosis at an advanced stage of disease. Our health care system is not able to grapple with this explosion due to its limited resources. There is also a lack of trained manpower. Differing standards of Breast Imaging and reporting compound this problem.

Breast Imaging Society, India (BISI) was established by a group of dedicated breast radiologists in 2012 at New Delhi with a view to improve and standardise methodologies of Breast Imaging. Our vision was to have a good Pan Indian, Pan Institution representation so that breast imaging and breast health percolates to all corners of India.

Since the 1st Bisicon in 2013 conducted in IIT Chennai we have grown to 500 members and this reflects how well BISI has matured as an organisation. We have a very active social media forum where members discuss their clinical quandaries. We conduct CMEs across the country with an emphasis on tier two cities, besides our annual & midterm conferences which have been extremely successful because of their academic content, & hands on workshops. At the National level we are part of Federation of Radiology Associations (FORA) which is part of Indian Radiology & Imaging Association (IRIA). At the academic level as part of the Specialist board of Breast Imaging in DNBE me and my colleagues will strive to make Super speciality Breast Imaging Fellowship programme on par with International Standards.

As doctors who deal a lot with terminally ill cancer patients, we must understand our patients beyond their illness and that is the purpose of our Outreach programme. Currently, with Covid putting a stop to physical meetings we have created “Bisi Metaverse”, an Online platform for promoting academics, skill based technologies and outreach programmes.

It is Individuals who make a society work and society is a microcosm reflective of the country and the world which is becoming more and more boundaryless. This pandemic if not anything else has taught us to be giving, caring and sharing. Our unanimously elected governing council of 2021-23, will strive to make Bisi, innovative,inclusive, and expansive and realise our mission to help Indian women prevent, diagnose and treat breast cancer better.

Jai Hind,
Long Live Bisi.
President BISI

Dr. Bagyam


In a moment of humility with great honour and privilege I take this baton from the exemplery past office bearers to serve as a General Sceretary of BISI for 2021 23. I seek Blessings from our visionary founder Dr Pant for the same. With the guidance of our very able President Dr Bagyam, I am motivated to take this society forward on all fronts along with the support of our current dynamic team members and all of you.

It has been only a rapid , upward and fruitful journey in achieving many goals for the society in just eight years. I must congratulate all the preceding office bearers for their outstanding dedicated work and remarkable initiatives contributing to the immense growth and progress of our society resulting in national and international recognition in a short span.

Vision Statement: ” Skill competancy for all

My Philosophy: Derive strength and excellence for the society from the enormous proficiency and diversity of expertise available.

Ours is knowledge intensive society. We have a pool of many great minds and I wish to capitalise this for the benefit of society. I humbly solicit you all to continue your wholehearted participation, support , involvement towards making this society known on the global platform for its work and integrity.

I will give my best , sincerely and truly to steer our ship in forward direction .

Wishing everyone happy years to come.

Love and regards
Long Live Bisi
Dr Varsha Hardas

Dr. Varsha Hardas